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I've been dead a while, but I swear I'm back--for real.

It has come down to a decision between college, or a car. The problem is I can't get to college without a car. Living costs around here are astronomical meaning I have felt the crunch and opted to live at home, leaving me with our truck which gets about 11 miles to the gallon. We pay 4 dollars per gallon, and it's about 35-40 miles to the WCC campus. Leaving me to shell out 30-ish dollars a day for gas. Hopefully not per day--I'm on the wait list for Radiography, and my prereqs have me up there three or five days a week. It all depends if someone drops the anatomy and physiology course.

Fortunately, the MME scholarship will pay for most of my schooling. And if I whine and look pitiful I may get a grant. Or not. But my parents have decided to be generous, and they now give me thirty dollars a month for my college fund...

Ten cent ramen has become my new best friend...

Language camp?

I'm considering going to a Language Camp so I can finish up my credits. Language camp is essentially a language boot camp--immersion in the language for 2-8 weeks and you can get credits out of them. But I have no time!
I'm gone from Mid May to early June for London, England and Scotland
And then mid June to Mid July for Entrada, at Calvin
A week in July is when I make my yearly visit (forced, I'll admit) to my family in Wisconsin
And a week in August is when I spend time with Goodman and Bloomfield. And Janes. But seperately.

And school starts the end of August.

Question one: Where did my summer go?
Question two: Where did my LIFE go??
Question three: Where did my money go???

I can offer right arms and first born sons, but I'm outta cash.


School is eating away at my money before I've even started.

I'm going to go to Calvin for some free program I've barely managed to qualify for, but only enough to get one or two credits. Ouch. But it's free, and that's what matters. I've got a 4k scholarship coming in either in 2 months or 4 years; depends on how tenacious they (the education system in general) can get.

But tuition is insane--did you know that for one school year, it's 37k at Calvin?

When I finally FINISH school and (hopefully) receive that degree and dream job, I won't make that much for another 5 freakin years at least. I'll make closer to 35k in a year.

And I have to move out soon. Like by next year at least. Dad is getting antsy. Mom is getting clingy. It's a freakin tug-o-war.

Goodman says we can share and split. That would be great--except Goodman wants to live up north and I want to live down south. Actually, I wanna head for A2. Laura hangs around there and I haven't seen her for ages.

But will we get sick of each other?

I don't know--I've known Goodman since eight grade and we only fight over the Xbox and DDR pads. Or the PS2 controllers--for some reason my controllers only work for me, so Goodman constantly wants to switch around. But anyways.

Goodman cooks. I clean. Goodman's a slob. I'm a picky eater--I don't really like meat or any form of grease. So we'll have our issues. And get this--

We both want a dog. But G says we're getting a Great Dane and I want a smaller dog. Like...Maltese sized.

We're doomed...


Everyone knows that the first post is Spam. But I really do have something to say!

I am going to Scotland! (and England)


But earning money isn't easy. I don't have the paperwork because immigration sucks, so I can't work. I have instead taken up babysitting and other general grunt work, which isn't always fun. A couple of weeks ago I helped some people move, and that paid about $10 an hour. But it strained my back so I have to be careful when working my regular job, which is taking care of my neighbors horses and cleaning out the stalls. that pays only $35 a week.

Scotland and England are going to be expensive. The dollar has been falling, much to my dismay, and London is expensive. Really expensive. but I have done my homework, and we found a small place to stay for about 38 pounds a night per person. I wanted to stay at this nice place owned by this nice gay couple, but some of the people in my group had an issue with it. Too bad, really--it was such a nice place.  Very modern, artsy and safe seeming. They had both a triple and a quad available, I believe. Oh well.

But the plane ticket was $700
The Rail Pass was roughly $400
We're planning on 35-55 pound a night (about 60 to 110 dollars roughly)
And 15 pound a day for food. ($35 ish)
And we are staying for fourteen days.

I have 2.7k left that I've allotted for the trip, and I'm trying desperately  to earn more, as I have college coming this summer.

Wish me luck!


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