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School is eating away at my money before I've even started.

I'm going to go to Calvin for some free program I've barely managed to qualify for, but only enough to get one or two credits. Ouch. But it's free, and that's what matters. I've got a 4k scholarship coming in either in 2 months or 4 years; depends on how tenacious they (the education system in general) can get.

But tuition is insane--did you know that for one school year, it's 37k at Calvin?

When I finally FINISH school and (hopefully) receive that degree and dream job, I won't make that much for another 5 freakin years at least. I'll make closer to 35k in a year.

And I have to move out soon. Like by next year at least. Dad is getting antsy. Mom is getting clingy. It's a freakin tug-o-war.

Goodman says we can share and split. That would be great--except Goodman wants to live up north and I want to live down south. Actually, I wanna head for A2. Laura hangs around there and I haven't seen her for ages.

But will we get sick of each other?

I don't know--I've known Goodman since eight grade and we only fight over the Xbox and DDR pads. Or the PS2 controllers--for some reason my controllers only work for me, so Goodman constantly wants to switch around. But anyways.

Goodman cooks. I clean. Goodman's a slob. I'm a picky eater--I don't really like meat or any form of grease. So we'll have our issues. And get this--

We both want a dog. But G says we're getting a Great Dane and I want a smaller dog. Like...Maltese sized.

We're doomed...


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