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For Students by Students

...because they're just to cute to not take home

Starve a Student--because they all live on air any
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A home with for students, scholars and birds out of the nest.
Welcome to the fledgling community,'Starve a Student.' It's just kicking off, but hopefully it will grow--it's all up to you out there!

The goal is to create a place where we can discuss the joys and hardships of moving out of the nest, share our experiences, discuss friendships, roommates and other relationships, as well as the 'love' of homework, and find tips on living cheaply and frugally while having a blast.

Why? Because at heart, we're all starving students with nowhere to go. All ages welcomed, young old and new. Our rules are vague for now, but once we progress and grow they will change. But for now:

--General respect--
When posting, keep in mind that we are all different, from different places, upbringings and views. Lets keep it friendly--constructive criticism is more than welcome, but stay polite at ALL times.

--Clean and Real--
Seriously. We're welcoming students of ALL ages--and we mean it. But you already know whats appropriate...right?

--Member Issues--
If you're going to argue, try and keep it private. If there is a real issue, then contact me on my personal LJ, username Hellequinn.